Who We Are

Both George and I love to read and beginning mid-September of this year we started collecting books together. Not just any kind of books, but books that stuck out for us. Most of these being classics: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Austen, Bronte. We searched the darkest corners of garage sales, the highest shelves of thrift stores, and the depths of Craigslist ads. The books that we bought were the ones that had character. Not just the ones in good condition, but the ones that looked as though they had traveled. Books that had been read, thrown in backpacks, relocated, moved, and lasted through the ages. These books had soul and within them carried words of great people. The classics.

After three months of collecting we’ve finally decided what to do with our collection. We want them to be available to you and to anyone who shares our love of reading, literature and books.

So cheers to reading books written by those who inspire our contemporaries. We hope you enjoy the adventures provided here as much as we do.


George Giannakos and Robyn Yager of Sons&Lovers Books


Sons&Lovers is a used bookstore based out of Vancouver, B.C. with a specific interest in classics and modern classics.

We find the hidden and make it seen.
We search until it’s found.

Please contact us at sonsandloversbooks(at)gmail(dot)com for questions or inquiries.