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Month: November, 2012

A Good Book Drive

by Robyn P. Yager

Hello Readers!

Have you heard of A Good Book Drive yet? No?? Well, I’ll tell you.

For the month of November – that’s November 1st to 30th, select retailers around theĀ  city will be collecting new copies of favourite kid’s books for the Vancouver literacy program, The Writer’s Exchange.

I think this is such an excellent way to pass down memories of reading and also pass down stories that have impacted us at such a young age.

We haven’t decided on a book yet, but I would encourage you to participate in this Book Drive as well. I don’t think there’s a better way to teach a child something than through a children’s book. I’m all for it.

Book Book Box Locations include:

  • Nelson the Seagull – 315 Carrall Street
  • Collage Collage – 621 Kingsway
  • Dilly Dally – 1161 Commercial Drive
  • Union Wood Company – 503 Railway Street
  • ArtStarts – 808 Richards Street
  • Walrus – 3408 Cambie

More information at A Good Book Drive website and you can also follow them for Good Tweets here.

What we’re reading and NaNoWriMo

by Robyn P. Yager

Sorry for the lack of posts, folks. We’ve been tied up.
Here are two small updates from the members of Sons & Lovers Used Books:

1. We are currently reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence. What are you currently reading? (Textbooks don’t count but we totally understand if that’s what you’ve been restricted to. It’s that time of the year). What is on your fall reading list?

2. Both George and I have enrolled ourselves in the National Novel Writing Month contest. Today is the second day, and I don’t believe it gets any easier. From November 1st to 30th participants attempt to write a 50,000 word (about 175 page) first draft of a novel. We’re aiming for 1,600-2,000 words a day. It’s hard. Maybe at the end of the month we’ll make our stories public – but no promises.